Partnership solutions

Whether you are using or installing our solutions, you can find information regarding the wide range of brands we supply in our sales and technical documents.


Key blanks

Multi-brand key blanks for safe locks.


INSYS Locks solution

INSYS offers a range of scalable electronic locks for all applications. The brand has a range offering an increasing level of protection: CombiStar, EloStar Time, EloStar Master, TwinLock.

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EloStar Master

EloStar Time 300

CombiLock 200


Snap Bolt video

Snap Bolt


UIS solution

The UIS is a Universal Interlocking System.

It is designed to equip every types of double-entry safes, but can be also settled on any equipment requiring the management of two doors.


Tecnosicurezza solution

Tecnosicurezza is a European manufacturer. It offers three ranges of electronic locks: Pulse, DigiTech and MiniTech.

Serrure batteuses AGA - Serrure pour coffre-fort AGA - Serrure pour asservissement AGA

AGA solution

AGA, a European manufacturer, offers a range of products: mechanical key locks, keyhole covers and other accessories for manufacturing safes.


Medeco Solution

A manufacturer of locks that provide the very highest level of security, MEDECO supplies the following three solutions: M3, M3 Logic and Nexgen XT. They are patent protected against copying.