Our history

TECHNOFORT founder Michaël HOULE began learning his trade at a young age. At just eight years old he already had a passion for locks: collecting keys and locks of every kind, dismantling and reassembling mechanisms, making keys, being rewarded with a trip to the local locksmiths’ when he did well at school, reading about lock picking… In short, a fascination that left his parents in no doubt about his future career!

When he was 16, he used the money from his first summer job to buy a safe. No sooner had it arrived than it was dismantled so he could see how it worked.

After working at a locksmith’s over the summer in 1999, Michaël began training on safe locks, learning how to open them by drilling and by manipulating disc tumbler locks. He soon left for the city of Montreal.

At the beginning of 2000, he was hired as a safe technician. Initially assigned to bank clock maintenance, he made rapid progress and was later moved to safe drilling. However Michaël’s entrepreneurial spirit meant he did not want to remain just an operator, and he began to develop ideas for his own company.

TECHNOFORT, taken from the French for « safe technology » (“technologie du coffre-fort”), was registered by Michaël HOULE with the Quebec Enterprise Register (Canada) on March 19, 2004. During this period, the business revolved around opening, maintaining and repairing safes and bank safes. Michaël’s experience and responsible approach served him well, enabling him to form several partnerships with national service companies and Canadian safe manufacturers. He was soon providing day-to-day services for 350 bank branches, based in Montreal and within a 200km radius of the city. He was even being called in for security audits.

In 2009, the entrepreneur was looking for a new challenge and left for France to explore the state of safes across the Atlantic. As it turned out, a short stay became an indefinite one.

After a spell with Point Fort Fichet security, at the end of 2009 Michaël was recruited by a distribution business to coordinate a network of safe technicians across France. With the technical aspect mastered, he just needed to pick up the sales side of things.

But although Michaël showed a good flair for sales, the company’s approach did not suit him, so he looked for a new way to progress still further in the world of safes.

Finally, a new project came up – a real challenge that was just what he was after. It already had a name, and on January 9, 2013, TECHNOFORT in its French incarnation was registered with the Paris Trade Register (France). The business? The importation, distribution and exportation of safe locks, with the real added value of Michaël’s great experience at all levels.

The sky’s the limit!