We can no longer deny the fact that we have a responsibility to do our best to preserve our environment and the planet.

We often make the mistake of thinking that protecting the environment is not our problem. But in reality, we represent a considerable force that is capable of safeguarding the future of our planet. In particular, we can reduce our carbon footprint through simple actions or by buying products that are more environmentally-friendly. And often the most environmentally-friendly solutions also make the most economic sense.

At TECHNOFORT, we believe it is important to look after our planet’s future. We therefore suggest several ways of reducing battery use, or dispensing with batteries entirely – a simple choice that helps the environment.

In the same way, in our daily business we have adopted the following simple, responsible and effective actions than can make all the difference:

  • We recommend corresponding via email
  • We use green postal stamps
  • We limit printing
  • Our printers are set to print double-sided
  • We favor recycled packaging for shipping
  • We ship in batches
  • We use public transport and choose the train over the plane
  • We encourage distance working and shared spaces
  • We work on the « Cloud »
  • We sort our waste
  • Etc.